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The Cimarron Equine Ranch

Game Overview

Rules & Guidelines
Game Overview
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Every member is new at one time or another. Read the general overview to get a feel for The Ranch. Only join when you are comfortable with the way things work.

Before joining:

  1. Read the rules
  2. Read the general overview
  3. Be sure you can be active
  4. Have the will; the will to have fun!


  1. Fill out the registration form located on the main web page:
  2. Wait for an email response from This may take as little as one hour or it can take up to one week. Please be patient.
  3. Once you have received your welcome letter, you can use your member name and password to login to the forum.
  4. You cannot register on the message boards. The settings only allow me to do this.
  5. Once you login, you may modify your profile.
  6. Please be sure to post an introduction.


  1. You must be 14 years old to join.
  2. Be active. I cannot express how important this is. Participate on the message boards, owning and taking care of your horses, visit the vet, purchase feed, and so on.
  3. You must participate in the message boards twice per week.
  4. One account per person please.
  5. Please let The Ranch know if you will be away from your computer for any length of time. Letting us know in advance will keep your account in good standings.
  6. Being inactive will result in the following:
  7. Inactive 1 week: probation
  8. Inactive 2 weeks: Your account will be on freeze. Your password will not work until you contact The Ranch and I okay it.
  9. Inactive 4 weeks: You will be banned, Under special circumstances you may contact me and be able to rejoin.
  10. 3 Probations or 2 Account Freezes: you will be banned

 Membership Levels:

As you play the game, you will see each member has a membership level. This will increase with time. If you are extremely active, it may increase faster. There are four levels:


  1. Entry Member – Upon joining the game

        You begin with 2 creation credits

        You may own 3 horses

        Your account balance = $100,000


  1. Intermediate Member – Upgraded after 2 weeks active

        You receive 1 more creation credit

        You may own 5 horses

        Your account balance increases $50,000

        You may open a stable: private or public


  1. Advanced Member – Upgraded after 2 months active

        You receive 2 more creation credits

        You may own 10 horses

        Your account increases $50,000

        You may open 1 establishment

        You may host shows


  1. Gold Member – Upgrade after 6 months active

        You receive 5 more creation credits

        You will begin to receive a monthly allowance of $5,000

        You may train horses

        You may offer job positions

        You may have an unlimited amount of establishments



  1. No two horses may have the same name
  2. If you have creation credits, you may create your own horse. Please do some research on the issue and be sure your stats are correct.
  3. Creating a horse costs $1,000 plus a credit
  4. If you create a horse having no creation credits, the horse will be auctioned and you will be finned $5,000
  5. Horse breeds & colors must be real
  6. Horses age in real time
  7. Horses must see the vet/fierier every 2 months
  8. You must purchase feed every 2 months
  9. Be realistic when naming your horse
  10. Horses will be retired at 20 years old, but may be retired sooner if you deem it necessary.
    • Horses must be retired at 20 years of age
    • You may retire any horse over the age of 5 if you deem it necessary
    • Retired horses cannot be reclaimed, bought, or sold
    • Once retired always retired


  1. Once you reach the advanced membership level, you may open 1 establishment.
  2. Each establishment must have a website. Free website hosting is available and is encouraged, although there is to be NO GEOCITIES websites.
  3. I will not build your site.
  4. I am not in charge of maintaining this site, if I have to remind you more than 3 times to update it in anyway, your establishment will be auctioned.
  5. It is very important that the website be professional looking with a nice layout.


  1. Once you reach the advanced membership level you may host a show.
  2. You may only have one show per week. Example, there may be 5 or more shows in a given week but each must be hosted by a different member.
  3. Show results are random, no favorites.
  4. Hosting a show is free but you may charge an entry fee and offer prize money.
  5. Any fees received from members goes into you account.
  6. Any prize money given to the show participants will be deducted from your account.


  1. Mares must be 3 and studs must be 2.
  2. You do not have to own a stable in order to breed your mare.
  3. You may offer your stud services through the classifieds only.
  4. Foals are born immediately.
  5. Foals are automatically aged to one year. No speed aging after this is allowed.
  6. You will customize your foal, do not take advantage of this.
  7. Breeding Fee: $500

 Surprises and Disasters:

  1. Updated weekly
  2. A randomizer is used
  3. You must deal with your issue within one week or something worse may happen.

 Banking & Account Information:

  1. You should always keep track of your account activity.
  2. Balances are updated weekly
  3. Loans are not offered
  4. Get a job if you need money.
  5. If you cannot purchase feed for your horses or afford to take your horses to the vet/fierier your horses will be auctioned. If this happens, you will receive the amount they are sold for.


  1. When you write a check go to the bank and paste a copy of the check under the appropriate month.
  2. If you do not post your check information in the back you will receive a warning the first time, if it happens again you will be fined.
  3. Anytime you purchase something, it does not matter what, you the following format:





        Memo (for):



  1. Any questions are to be directed to the office
  2. If you use a picture for your horse, it is against the law to use copyrighted material unless you have permission. Remember, it is illegal.
  3. Any website you have that is affiliated with the game must have a link back to the home page.
  4. You must also include a disclaimer on those web pages. It must clearly state is is a simulated game and nothing is real.

This website is part of a simulated horse game.
Everything pertaining to this website is fiction.